Setting Up Access to MySQL Databases

For MySQL database users, the remote access is controlled by MySQL native security mechanism - access control lists (ACL). Your custom settings are added to the MySQL access control lists.

To specify the access settings for a MySQL user:

  1. For an existing user, go to Databases > Users > select a user > Access Control group of options. For a new user, go to Databases > Users > Add Database User > the Access Controlgroup of options.

    Alternatively, you can set up access control when creating a database if you create a user at the same time as creating the database: Databases > Add a Database > Create a database user.

  2. Use one of the following options to control the remote access to the database on behalf of this database user:
    • Allow local connections only. Select to allow access from all Plesk's IP addresses. These include the localhost and all other IP addresses used by Plesk.
    • Allow remote connections from any host. Select to allow access from any server, including the localhost and IP addresses of the Plesk server.
    • Allow remote connections from (the specified hosts). Select to allow access from the specified host names or IP addresses. Note that local connections will be allowed too.
  3. If Plesk employs a firewall, you can see the corresponding message below the Access controloptions. You will need to contact your hosting provider to confirm that the firewall allows remote connections to MySQL.

    If the Plesk firewall prohibits remote incoming connections to MySQL, then custom access control settings will not work.

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